Thursday, December 14, 2017

Welcome to IWS, where we not only build efficient, effective and professional web sites for our clients, but continue to support them in making those web sites produce results.

Everyone, including the government, agrees that every business and organisation must have a web site. But do you have the time to learn how to be a web designer as well as manage your business, look after your customers, keep your accounts in order and everything else that has to be done?

To produce your own DIY site you will also need some special programming packages, such as a program to edit and prepare for the web professional standard images and graphics. Not only is that expensive, but you’ll also need to dedicate a lot of time to learning how to use these design tools, time that could be more profitably spent on your own business.

In all honesty, it takes time to learn the intricacies of our business, and more time to keep up with developments, new programs and online security issues. How much spare time have you really got?

A web site is a highly effective form of advertising. It’s also highly cost-effective when compared to other forms of advertising which can be a lot less flexible for a great deal more money. Helping you to make the most of your web site all the time is what we do. What we don’t do is build your site and then forget about you.

Now, what do you need?

bullet arrow    Simple but effective web presence with an email account, capacity for some simple updating by yourself, access to our Help Desk for more complex work?

Go to our Business Card Service for more information

bullet arrow   A comprehensive web site with a wide range of additional features for text, images and video and all of it fully managed for you all year?

Go to our Diamond Service for more information

Take a look around our site, see what we can do, ask us questions, there’s no obligation, but if you want to become an IWS client you’ll be welcome!

Getting Started - Five Steps to Success


Discuss what you need with us - there’s no obligation - then select the service package that suits you. At this stage you will know in advance what it’s going to cost for the work agreed.


Register with IWS so that you have your own account for all your dealings with us and space on our secure servers for your web site to be built.


Supply us with the information and images that you have, we will work with you, suggest, research, write and edit in order to build your site.


When your site is finished and approved we will publish it on the Internet, set up your email accounts with you and submit your site for indexing to the three major search engines.


We continue to work with you to maintain the efficiency and profile of your site, either through our Help Desk or by means of the Web Site Management Service that you have chosen.